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 britney speras posters publications

 set up the mixtape to the satan

random dudes said "ill sacriface my self on the street  ":P

the plate drawing:accidently i did when im so hangover...but yeahhh its being fave ones 

hangover drawing plate time

grace and olivia

 casey ayers coffin

chris chobilis video

the crowd

 matt acorn the curator 

kaylum  hornsign for mixtape

and limosin party after 

Galleria and Eggs Press are pleased to present 'Empty Orchestra', a group exhibition curated by Matthew Aitken and featuring the work of Casey Ayres, Chris Cobilis, Grace Gamage & Olivia O’Donnell, Ican Harem (Indonesia), and Emily Morant.

In 'Crossroads' (2002), Britney Spears stars in a coming-of-age comedy-drama road film in which three teenage girls dig up an old 'wish box' on the night of their high school graduation and drive across America in a Buick Skylark with some guy. The girls run out of money, Britney's character stands up to her uptight dad (played by an emasculated Dan Akroyd), they win a big cash prize in a karaoke contest, and each discovers their inner voice.

In the late 1920's, delta blues musician Robert Johnson is believed to have met the devil at a crossroad on a plantation in rural Mississippi. Legend has it that there he met a tall black man who took his guitar, tuned it, played a few songs, and handed it back, bestowing Johnson mastery of the blues in a Faustian exchange. Subsequently, Johnson died in 1938, joining the illusive '27 Club, cause of death unknown. Many claim that Johnson was the greatest blues musician that ever lived.

'Empty Orchestra', the literal translation of the Japanese word 'karaoke', aims to draw connections between these disparate analogies, constructing a narrative 'crossroad' for the viewer to engage with: personal growth, friendship, and the occult.

Keywords: Hail Seizan!, (Australian) Idol Hands, ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Magnums, neatly-trimmed littler goatee and ponytail, ‘karaoke rage’, red body paint and hoofs, Phoenix Holden, The Britney Spear of Destiny, Dreamland, Temptation Island, and lip-synch and cowboy hat.

Due to the durational nature of both Ican Harem and Grace & Olivia's work, 'Empty Orchestra' will feature a closing event instead of Galleria's regular opening event. The exhibition will be accompanied by a collaborative publication produced by Galleria, Eggs Press, and Benchpress which will also be launched at the closing.

Special thanks to City of Perth.

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HOA matt jadi folk dude sekali sekarang. wajah wajah bule model iklan bir