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one of my friend BRVCE ask me to do design t shirt for band called MT MOUNTAIN and i never heard about them before ..staight i type on them..i was trippy on nutmeg..and listen they tunes...fokin sick..

when heard their name i was wondering about holly mountain movie..


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behind story about this work its preety hilarious..on 2012,  i was livin south jogjakarta...i got lunch in warung (small restourant)..and accidently was try to make conversation with random person..and he have special person...has mute.feel awkward at the frist will  shock if some one ask you  talk with sign language..and he asked me what i did...i said i just skate...and dunno how to explain how skate with sign language.and yeah.finnaly diggin in internet and i found it..actually this work was  exhibited in of my friends ask me to bein contribution for his skate article...and one of local clothing based from indonesa MATERNAL DISASTER did this print t shirt on his artciel SUB this t shirt avaliable on they website..