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Can't Grow Up from luke pelletier on Vimeo.

Ever since So-Cal artist Wes Humpston started drawing on skate decks back in the 70’s, skateboarding and art have become inseparable. Wes Humpston helped create an aesthetic that skateboarders and adolescents could identify with. Since then, nearly every skateboard has been printed with art that varies in both content and style. From designers and printmakers to videographers and painters, skateboarding has attracted a variety of young and creative minds that push boundaries and create new things with raw and unfiltered enthusiasm.
“Can’t Grow Up!” is a ‘zine with a collection of artists that are involved in skate culture.
Wes Humpston
Michael Sieben
Jimbo Phillips
Dennis McNett
Bart Saric
Chris Silva
Jourdon Gulett
Darin Bendall
Bryan De La Garza
Luke Pelletier
Carson Cornett
Bryan Peterson
Ben Jensen
Nathan Friedman
Tim Pigot
Dan Ezra Lang
Ryan Ady Putra
Ican Harem
Alex Cohen

For just a penny, plus shipping, you can order a hard copy of the zine HERE

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