Posted by CANGKANG SERIGALA | Posted on 1:47 AM

SUB NORWAY:its my mixtape project with DJ only ones ,
sub norway tell he kids we are doing nothing for long times
just to called cool dudes whos love norwagian culture,fashion,and
include hows trendy burning church!!!nah nah,its juts for weird cross culture
between freezing island and tropical dudes and glossy!!!

HAWKIN HAIR:Inspired by goth culture fashion and wave on early 90s
like you know,siouxie,alien sex fiend,death cult bla bla bla
someting abaout wave of love,chinese garden,and kungfu martial

KING GIZZARD ATTACK:give your fuzzy tones,huges waves,and dancing like maniac!!
king gizzard give more than tones,they give you tropic mysticism

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